Metabolic Health

Circadian Metabolism lies at the core of human health


... is the critical intersection at the cellular level for quality sleep, stress management, diet, exercise, social engagement and more. Redox stress and inflammation are fundamental drivers of accelerated chronic aging related diseases. 

Sleep & Stress

Cellular pathways for stress processing and metabolism greatly overlap. The connection of stress with all levels of health is very real. Quality sleep is perhaps the best stress management strategy.

Diet & Nutrition

Not just what you eat, but when you eat, how you eat, why you eat, and more. "What" you eat is the less important part once processed sugar-added foods are reduced or eliminated.

Exercise & Activity

 Being sedentary is considered a worse behavior than smoking. High intensity resistance training 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per week, done properly and with good form triggers metabolic health. 

Integropractic Circadian Metabolic Health Program 


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  • Body Composition - What is your percent muscle mass versus fat mass and where is it distributed? 
  • Resting Metabolic Rate - What nutrition does your body require to maintain or lose unhealthy fat? 
  • Heart Rate Variability training for stress management - HRV is a predictor of stress and health! 
  • Meal programs - Customized to your lab blood work and personalized goals. 
  • In-office bodywork for Lymphatic and circulation to encourage more metabolic gains. 
  • Metabolic Exercise - 15-20 minute sessions 2-3 times per week using SMaRT-Ex aka SuperSlow. 


Reset Your Metabolism Today!

Customized Programs

Circadian Rhythms...

Metabolism, Stress, Mitochondrial and Microbial health, and the Circadian Rhythms all intersect at fundamentals levels of DNA and cellular health. The Integropractic approach includes all of the above and more for your most efficient results. Experiencing efficient outcomes in line with your highest goals inherently promotes adherence to the program that leads to more and more greater results. 

You don't have to...

...but why not?


Prices vary based on individual needs. 

The approach at Integropractic Health and Wellness incorporates every major aspect of life as it pertains to metabolic circadian health as it is tied to stress and lifestyle. Here, you will have ever opportunity to get your life back under your control, which is by birth right, yours and yours alone.