Etheric Consciousness 

What is Etheric Consciousness? 

This refers to an 8+ hour video course presented by me, Tim Hall. The content comes from numerous sources, some of which are hard to come by and harder yet to understand, let alone synthesize into something of practical value. This has been years in the making as a labor of love. I hope you enjoy. Below are more details about what is included. 

An important theme throughout this course goes beyond the mere understanding of certain interesting concepts.  When put into practice, this is all meant to be a process of facilitating integration between the Higher Self and the Lower Self, which is the personality. Many of what is presented here is relating to the Higher Self. The path of integration (which is a pathless path really but anyways...) is accomplished by unfolding the Higher into the Lower by using the higher. The using of it is the developing of it. 

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The Etheric field and the Etheric Body.  

The theory of the Etheric field fell out of favor around the time that quantum physics came into favor early in the 20th century. This was partly due to A. Einstein's denial of the field when he was developing his theory of relativity. Later in life he made this comment and other similar ones,¬†‚ÄúTo deny ether is ultimately to assume that empty space has no physical quality whatever. The fundamental facts of quantum mechanics do not harmonize with this view.‚ÄĚ

While quantum Mechanics searches for the fundament particle that the material world is created, the theory of the Ether is that there is a subtle physical interconnected web of vibration that allows for energy flow and this is what sustains the dense material universe. 

The human body has an exact "double" which is made of two of the four levels of etheric matter and governs all physical functions and maintains its structure. The other two more subtle vibrating etheric levels constitute the medium for higher vibrations to reach the inner consciousness of a person's thoughts and emotions. The Etheric field is that which links the dense physical body to the mind and emotions. It is the missing link for those who work with their mental capacities to facilitate natural shifts in the physical body or environment. 

Etheric Importance in Science

The great scientific thinkers of their day who promoted the Ether Theory included Aristotle, Nicolaus Copernicus, Giordano Bruno, Galileo Galileo, Johannes Kepler, Rene Descartes, Francesco Grimaldi, Claudius Ptolemy, Isaac Newton, and Nicola Tesla. Mr. Tesla never doubted the Etheric field and had this to say...

"According to an adopted theory, every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous (fragile, vague) fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake. By being set in movement this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter.‚ÄĚ

"The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance".

"There is no energy in matter except that absorbed from the medium." ...Where the 'medium' is the Etheric field."

Etheric Importance in Esoteric Philosophy

Formal initiation onto a path of self-discovery or liberation, used to be very difficult to come by and even then, not everyone was accepted. These schools guarded their practices and kept them a mystery to the people. Hence, they have been referred to as the Mystery Schools. 

When a teacher found a deserving eager pupil, one of the first lessons taught to them with great enthusiasm was (or still is), that there is indeed a subtle energy field called the Ethers and here is what it is and here is how it works. 


Who is this for?

I believe the information presented in the videos will be of theoretical and/or practical value for people with varied interests and backgrounds. 

This includes but is not limited to anyone who works with or on a client/patients' physiology where via physical, psychological, or lifestyle interventions whether they take a traditional or alternative approach. 

Anyone who has a special interest in such practices as meditation, yoga, therapeutic bodywork, counsellors, acupuncturists, energy practitioners such as Reiki and more others. However, this could easily appeal to doctors, nurses, physical therapist, chiropractors, personal trainers and again, more. 

If there is more to life than what you can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear, then you are likely going to find this all very interesting. 

What you'll get: 

In addition to over 8 hours of mind-bending video content and consciousness expanding vibrations, you can email me with questions and comments. Live interactive online meetings are planned to occur regularly. The next module (whose release date is not yet determined), will focus on the putting it all together for practical application. 

After that, life interactive workshops are anticipated for more Q&A discussion, demo and trade sessions for deep immersion into the theory and art of practice. 

Course Contents: 

I will attempt to give a course overview by numbered video: 

  1. Introduction and Magnetic Field of Integrity. 53 min. 
    1. The Magnetic Field of Integrity is what keeps a thing true to itself and literally everything has one and is governed by it. This field is eternally honest and does not respond well to ulterior motives.  
  2. Video #2 is also an overview but covers all the main topics so there is a little redundancy to the first video. 63 min. 
  3. Four Ethers in Detail. 41 min. 
    1. Here we get into the detailed understanding about the characteristics and features of the Etheric Field and especially how it interacts with the physical body. 
  4. Important Individual Nadis. 29 min.
    1. Nadis are a term of energetic pathways or threads or channels that circulates various vibrations throughout the etheric body. There are centers where nadis intersect and specific ones. 
    2. The key ones covered here are the Antahkarana, Sutratma, Sushumna, and more. 
  5. Nadi Centers 1 thru 3. 19 min. 
    1. There are several key points of nadi intersection throughout the body. 
    2. They have close vibrational resonance with endocrines, nerve plexuses, and other organs and body parts. 
  6. Nadi Centers Cont. 33 min. 
    1. We continue with the remaining centers which go beyond the traditional 7. 
  7. Nadi Centers work in Triads. 10 min. 
    1. An interesting characteristic of the Nadi Centers are how they like to operate and be addressed in groups of three. 
  8. Color: The Force of Light. 52 min. 
    1. There is a science to mentally imagined colors as vibrational force of light that sustains and restores activity to the Etheric Field and the Nadi Centers therein. 
  9. Will-Power. 42 min. 
    1. Will-Power and Self-Determination are special features of the Higher Self. This is referring to more than mental fortitude. 
  10. Heart Consciousness and Devotion. 46 min. 
    1. The consciousness of the Heart reigns supreme and can or should drive action arising from the gap that precedes thought. 
    2. Devotion is attractive yes, but it is not what you are attracting, but what you are being attracted to. What value system and principles do you hold as important? 
  11. Higher Intelligence and Higher Imagination. 35 min.  
    1. Intelligence operates at the universal level that is inherent to all things and guides their actions and behaviors. 
    2. Higher intelligence is personal and useable. It is also that which Recognizes values and priorities that the mind, which deals in opposites, is not able to grasp. 
    3. Higher imagination refers to abstract thought. Concrete and abstract thought are inseparable in human thinking but they have very different qualities. Abstract thought deals in generalities and together with specifics, helps the mind to form a clearer concept for the light of higher understanding to illuminate. 
  12. PaRama Philosophy and 'Conversation Style'. 26 min
    1. Here I give a brief introduction to my concept of PaRama Philosophy and talk about giving sessions that appear more like Conversations. This video may be more relevant to a person who has studied John's BodyTalk system but be clear that I am not here (or anywhere) teaching BodyTalk or any repackaging of it. However, I received this particular instruction personally in a private conversation with John as far back as 2019 (it could have been 2020). 
  13. Pituitary-Pineal-3rd Ventricle, Mental Chakras, and more. 64 min. 
    1. This is an interesting one. I cover some fascinating features of the glands and relate that to the brain ventricles, cerebral spinal fluid, and other 'enlivening' etheric-based fluid like substances. 
    2. The Mental Chakras are the true chakras, which can be symbolically imagined as unbalanced spinning wheels of energy that represent mental errors. Each error blocks, to a degree, the full realization of the truth about life and Self. The 7 spinal centers (usually referred to as chakras) are reflex centers in the Etheric Double. 

Next Steps: 

Forthcoming, I have supplemental topics to present that are related to the Etheric Field.

I hope to host regularly scheduled online meetings for Q&A, demos and discussions. 

Future in-person live classes that focus on Practical Application are desirable. Please contact me if interested. 

The next online course will be Module Two, with a focus on the Practical Application for all the various concepts from Module One. 

If you are interested in Meditation, please contact me now and/or revisit this site for upcoming content. 


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All my personal thanks and devotion to Helen Lutes. 

Cherish every moment. Life is precious and fleeting. JGD. 

The flame said to the spark, ‚ÄúThis is thy present wheel. Thou are myself, my image and my shadow. I have clothed myself in thee and thou art my vehicle to the day when thou shalt again re-become myself and others, thyself and me.‚ÄĚ