The Ethers

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Topics Covered... 

Include these and many more: The Ethers intrinsic and extrinsic structure and function, the Magnetic Field of Integrity, Circuits of Vitality and Creativity, Mental Processes, Etheric Organs, and much more!

Why The Ethers?

Etheric knowledge has and remains one of the first essential teachings on the esoteric mystical path of discovering the inner workings of nature. Today, we live in a time of mystery revealed. The secrets of antiquity are laid wide open for the discerning student to enliven them from within. 

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The material covered in this course is based on years of research and experience including my own and dozens of respected authorities in this field, a few of which i have known personally. 

The Information and Practices presented here... 

Will not be found easily, if at all, in any reasonable time frame. It has been my great joy to compile this knowledge such as it is for your consumption and immediate use. 

I look forward to our meeting of the minds to mutually advance this work today and into the near future as it was intended to be. 

Ethers Therapy

Unlock your inner potential by getting in touch with your higher nature. Developing your inner faculties is using them!

Ancient and modern mystery school teachings have kept certain knowledge hidden and preserved for centuries, hence the term "esoteric mysticism". However, now the lineage of teachers has consistently asserted that we live in a time of revelation of truth. The time to delve deep into eternal truths is now. The Ethers are one of those "hidden knowledge" protected for centuries that are associated with inner unfoldment and higher states of consciousness for the person who is on the path of awakening to greater truths about life and our purpose here.

Ethers Consciousness is a course that introduces the concepts and practical applications of topics that have been hidden from the general public and accessible only to the great wise Masters and their initiates for centuries. It is a very powerful tool for your own inner development and for the therapeutic processes of energy healing.

The etheric field has been known and described for over five thousand years and its effects on all forms of life are obvious. Increasingly, scholars in the field of science and energy are gaining clear evidence of the interactions of the Etheric Field with the mental and emotional psyche and the dense physical world.

The Ethers Consciousness program is designed to do just that: Bring awareness of the etheric field into your life and how to develop and recognize it really effectively. It is the missing link for internal development.

Etheric Consciousness course, includes an introduction to many other mystical and esoteric teachings and practices that represent the key to the wisdom that is transforming humanity into the new global age, with an emphasis on the Etheric Field and how it interacts with the physical body and how it acts as a medium for energy forces, including mental thoughts and emotions.

The course includes concepts, practices, demos and ongoing support for questions and obstacles encountered along the way. The practices are designed to be self-administered, like a meditation practice would be, and could also be performed on a friend, family member, client, animal, plant or anything.

Whether you are just beginning or well on your way, this course will sure cover areas of great interest for further study and continued growth.