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Therapeutic Bodywork and Orthopedic Massage Services

New Office Location in Cave Creek, AZ

New office location is in Holistic Hollows yoga studio in Suite 6 at

6702 E Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331

The following Four services are available at Holistic Hollows in Cave Creek: 

Please read more below and book a service by contacting Timothy directly or through the Wellness Living app for Holistic Hollows as found on the STORE page. 

Orthopedic Bodywork

This evidence-based approach to improve joint function, muscular tension, organ function, and neurological integration is designed to achieve overall improvements for painful areas nearly anywhere in the body, and for whole-body movement patterns that are associated with youthfulness and longevity.

This orthopedic rehabilitative therapy is not your typical deep tissue or sports massage. A variety of approaches may be used ranging from traditional massage techniques to corrective exercise, neurologic developmental postures, visceral organ positions, cranial rhythms, nervous system balancing, and much more. 

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Resort-Quality Relaxation Massage

This traditional Swedish style spa-grade massage promotes deep muscular relaxation and a soothed nervous system. Prepare yourself for a full-body experience of rejuvenation and inner tranquility. The pressure used will be adjusted for your preference and highest satisfaction, which ranges from light and gliding to deep and therapeutic. This service is frequently requested with the 30-minute extension. 

Please read the below list closely...

A variety of desirable "add-ons" are included for NO additional fee (**see Foot Mask), which is very rare, and when available, include but are not limited to:

  1. Essential Oils - Diffused, inhaled, and topical. 
  2. Vibration/percussion devices - Release tension mechanically.
  3. Custom Body Oil blends choices:  
    1. Biodynamics Eminence Organics brand to seduce your senses with this ultra-hydrating apricot+ blend to create a luscious massage oil that leaves skin feeling irresistibly soft and supple. Winner of Best Body Oil, "Her Campus College Beauty Awards, 2021". 
    2. Nutrient-dense Laminaria Seaweed Extract restores vital moisture to thirsty, parched skin and leaves it soft, supple, and naturally gorgeous. Packed with minerals, vitamins, and omega-3s, our silky oil absorbs fast and leaves no oily residue behind. 
    3. Fractionated Coconut Oil infused with Turmeric and Argania Spinosa Sprout Stem Cell Extract for improved skin density, rejuvenation, and overall cellular health.

    4. Moringa "Himalayan Miracle Tree" Oil benefits include antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and astringent properties. This oil penetrates deeply and has been used to treat infections, acne, and burns, as well as having strong moisturizing and skin tightening effects. 

  4. Decompression therapy (aka Cupping) - A most underrated approach to structural health.
  5. Dry brushing Exfoliation for skin preparation and lymphatic health.
  6. Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter.  
  7. Hot oil scalp massage (plan accordingly).
  8. Fire & Ice:
    1. Cryoderm Pain Relieving (warming or cooling) or Soothing (magnesium) lotions. 
    2. Heat - Hot and Infrared Jade Stones.
    3. Cold - Ice cold globes for facial (etc) skin muscle contrast. 
  9. Light Touch Etheric-based Energy clearing (parasympathetic activation) - "The Missing Link "
  10. ** Algae Lithothamnium Foot Mask - Promotes rejuvenation, remineralization, and anti-inflammatory benefit for lymph and detoxification in addition to iodine and particular benefit for women's' health. (** This add-on does require the additional 30-minute time addition for the extra charge). 
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Stress Release and Meditation

This interactive session helps facilitate mental relaxation and emotional clarity. This takes place comfortably seated in a private room. Through a series of discussions, questions, visualizations, and other related techniques, you will be guided towards an inner sense of enhanced wellbeing. The methods used here can be continued at home as desired. For serious daily meditation students, a silent practice can be discussed and included when appropriate. 

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Etheric Consciousness: Light touch energy work

Common experiences from this non-invasive and mostly silent session is that it feels like a meditation even by people who do not meditate regularly. The interpenetrating etheric energy field integrates with the dense pyscial body leading to often unexpectedly beneficial results. The value of deep meditative-like restfulness is frequently under-valued for overall health and well-being, which underlies so many aspects of enjoyment in life. 

Timothy was mentored in consciounsess-based energy work by Dr. John Veltheim, the founder of the BodyTalk System, which he discovered in 2002. They have worked closely on advanced techniques, course development and related theories. This Etheric work is the unique progression, like post-graduate studies, of Timothy's energy work that has its basis in BodyTalk, and with John's fully blessing and encouragement. 

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Scientifically Researched

Therapeutic Bodywork is perhaps one of the most available yet underappreciated modalities for treating many forms of bodily stress and pain.

Orthopedic Massage

Clinically proven to improve all manner of joint, tissue, and organ health, receiving a quality massage service can benefit the nervous, hormonal, and circulatory systems which underly all aspects of health. 

Relax v. Stress

Stress and Relaxation are not bedfellows. When stress dominates, optimism is not always enough to reengage the parasympathetic NS. A proper massage can be the ready solution for your mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

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What to Expect

All therapeutic massage services strive to achieve the most optimal outcome for your specific needs. There is no one solution offered to everyone. The nearly countless philosophies, assessments, and techniques are not repeated often. With Integropractic, you are in trusted hands. 


What to know

A thorough intake form is usually required prior to arrival. Disrobing for therapy is often not required, or partial in most cases, and always to your level of comfort, which should not even have to be stated for any professional practice. Please arrive early to maximize the time available. 

Therapy you can trust

Why Tim?

Not only do I enjoy problem-solving for physiological dysfunction, but I also study any and all traditional and cutting-edge techniques and theories to deliver the highest quality of care. My training is extensive and seemingly never-ending. 

What is Included?

Techniques and methods include a wide variety of styles that are common and unique. This may involve, swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, decompression (cupping), vibration devices, essential and customized oils, joint, nerve and visceral manipulation, craniosacral work, stretching, breath optimization, corrective exercise, and much more. 

If you are interested in services...

Please contact Tim or check back often. Depending on your location, an in-home session is possible. 


Therapeutic Bodywork is perhaps the most underrated complementary and alternative health care modality. Physiological structure and function are intricately entangled.  Muscle and joint pain are good reasons to seek therapy but certainly not the only one. Every tissue and cell is affected by proper manual or movement therapy. The central nervous system (CNS) is the master controller of the gross anatomy for posture, digestion, walking, sensory processing, body temperature, immunity, breathing, hormone regulation and too much to list here. When bodywork is performed in a manner that normalizes the CNS’s response to stress, it becomes more capable of functioning properly and restoring healthy function.

Countless systems in the body can be addressed with manual bodywork therapy and every system affects every other system. This includes and is not limited to the systems of the musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, blood, lymph, viscera including the heart and lungs, fascia and every connective tissue, digestive, metabolic, and every system that could be identified. 

The Integropractic method of bodywork includes a wide variety of techniques designed to bring about the most effective results that led to the widest-ranging benefits to the CNS and all functions of the physiology. Novel and proven corrective exercises along with critical breathing corrections are often prescribed as homework for optimal lasting gains.

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