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What is the Ether, or Aether, as it was called centuries ago?

The Ether, by any name, is an invisible field of undefinable dynamic energy that ultimately can explain all physical forces of nature. The more science advances to understand the Etheric Field, the more it is possible to explain natural environmental forces and the more the technology can advance.

The Ethers are still a field of vast mystery, which instigates science in continuous study. Around the world, teams of scientists are dedicated to discovering more about the magnificent Ether. They are bringing different terms and explanations about it, proving that the Etheres are extremely complex and intrinsically influence life on Earth.

The studies of Etheres today can be compared with studies to decipher the genetic code, determining the specific amino acid for each crack, which was one of the greatest achievements of the past 50 years.

What is more relevant for non-scientific practical knowledge, is the discovery that the Etheric energy can be affected by mental, emotional, social, environmental factors, and much more. With the right understanding and practice, the Etheric field can be influenced for health maintenance and disease prevention. Deeper work with this concept can help free trapped energy that is then available for mental and emotional creative endeavors or discoveries.


How did it come about?

Ancient civilizations had concepts related to the Ethers and they had technology still unexplainable by modern understanding (such as certain Pyramids). The Ethers were accepted and worked with by people with advanced mental abilities and by the physical scientists. When quantum physics came into favor, the research into the Etheric field shifted towards a search for the smallest indivisible unit of matter, the quantum. The Etheric field is not quantifiable in that way, according to Ether Field proponents. The quality of the field can be influenced by human thoughts, emotion, and willpower. This fact used to be one of the key guarded principles by ancient mystery schools that existed to help human development. Today, hidden knowledge is available to anyone with interest.


How do they help people?

Learning to work in the Etheric Field is believed to lead to improved physical health and mental energy and clarity. It produces a closer sense of relatedness to other people and the environment while strengthening healthy boundaries at the same time. With sincere practice, higher mental faculties can be developed to manifest the best life has to offer.


How is it used?

After gaining a general understanding, the Ether’s respond to a variety of physical, energetic, emotional and psychic influences. All people, all the time, work directly with the Etheric Field in an unconscious and haphazard manner. Learning to work consciously with Ethers brings perceptions that lead to a new relationship to the world that is my nature, more authentic and mutually beneficial.


What benefits do they bring to those who use it?

Whether in relation to relationship, financial, mental, physical, or professional and health issues, working consciously with Ethers will help to transform limiting beliefs (which are negative thoughts understood and defined as truth, and can prevent the person from reaching their goals), unlocking the origins (mental, physical, emotional) of the problems that act on the individual's life, providing greater plenitude and well-being before oneself and life.

Some benefits reported after an Ethers session:

Improves mental disposition and concentration and the ability to solve problems;
Calms restless thoughts
Improved sleep;
Reduced anxiety, depression,
Trauma and stress relief;
Increase in joy, fullness and motivation and enthusiasm, fun, confidence, and well-being;
Deep relaxation, more energy, disposition, and spirit;
Inner peace;
Elimination of negative behavior patterns;
Rapid recovery after surgery and chronic pain relief;
Reduction of internal and external conflicts;
Strengthening of the immune system;
Reduction of physical and mental tensions;
Developing self-esteem
Increase the feeling of empowerment
Reduces blockages caused by the accumulation of anger, frustration, and exhaustion.
Improves relationships by allowing acceptance by ourselves and others
Beneficial for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Assists in the expansion of consciousness
Improves concentration


Who is the course for?

The type of person is any ambitious person who is pursuing a goal, project, personal efficiency, a better job, and improved health, the skills developed in this course will guide you to apply the Etheric Field power to achieve your goals and have more quality of life

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