$250 ($250 is valid thru 2023)


Etheric Consciousness: Module One

See also written description: Etheric-Page. This price is valid thru 2023!

Please read and agree before purchasing...

What you'll get:

  • Over 8 hours of video 
  • Main Topics: 
  • The Etheric Field
  • The Magnetic Field of Integrity
  • The system of energetic Nadi pathways 
  • Will-Power 
  • Heart Consciousness 
  • Higher Intelligence
  • and More! 

No refunds are given. If you are not sure about this purchase, please contact Timothy Hall directly and wait until you are sure this is right for you. 

What is not included here is instruction or suggestion about what to do with this information or how to use it. Many or most skilled practitioners or intuitive types will immediately understand the practical application of this and begin to use it right away. 

In the upcoming Module Two: Practical Application, the "how to" will be discussed in detail. 

You agree to not share this course with others or give out your login information. This was a lot of work for me. Please support this project by honoring this request. 


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