Consciousness-based BodyTalk

Dr. John Veltheim's message will live in eternity. 

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The essence of BodyTalk  is a psycho-physiological approach to higher/inner consciousness.  

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Psycho-Physiological Approach 

 There are 5 "pathways" but really they are pathless pathways because they return the seeker to the origin. The seeker is the finder who finds himself as you become what you already are. The great becoming is the unfoldment of the eternally unchanging being. 

BodyTalk, at its essence, fulfills one pathway which is a combination of two approaches and which can then stand-alone but can also be greatly complemented, or enhanced by a personal daily practice of meditation. 

Real healing is a shift in consciousness, which is not really a shift, but a regression to being or an expansion to truth. From either perspective, physical material changes that occur can only ultimately be for the better. Temporary healing that improves the condition of the moment is no real healing at all. Consciousness is the root and cause of all that is. At the heart of the root of consciousness is the essence of BodyTalk and Meditation. 

Who wouldn't want to do all that is available for such a noble goal? 

John's Message...

Dr. John Veltheim (1951 - 2022) was truly creative and lived an interesting life positively affecting countless people all around the world. It seems to me that his desire to be of selfless service to mankind was a burden in today's world. He had a strong personality and a soft heart. His motivation to help others was not rooted in any sense of saving them, but to empower them from within their own selves. To enliven and awaken the innate intelligence that was at the core of each individual's being. He knew that from there real change and unfoldment would occur. Not everyone caught John's message and that was also a weight on his shoulders. This is not a program of saving anyone, but rather one of freeing those who have the consciousness to look within and free themselves. BodyTalk is a psycho-physiological approach to fulfilling the sovereignty of Self, aka the I AM, the Brahman, the Oneness, etc. If not now, when? If not you, who? 

Tim's Journey...

In-person sessions are available at Tim's office in Cave Creek AZ (north Phoenix). For Distance / Remote sessions, tap the click above to book a session. 

My personal journey with BodyTalk began with nothing short of a mystical experience in 2002. At the time I had no interest in learning anything about BodyTalk but I quickly figured out that if I wanted to be near John, that taking courses was the way to accomplish that. I did all that I could as often as I could and I went deep with his theoretical and practical teachings. 

At some point we developed a friendship although he was always my mentor. His personal training and coaching has been invaluable and it remains my mission to continue his legacy as I understand and practice it, as it flows through me, as so many others can relate to, I'm sure. 

John is missed and never forgotten.